PENESEAL FH (1:1 Concentrate)

PENESEAL FH (1:1 Concentrate)

Turn porous concrete into a solid, harder mass: spray on PENESEAL FH sealer

PENESEAL FH is a clear, reactive penetrating sealer designed to permanently protect, preserve and strengthen cementitious floors. PENESEAL FH penetrates deep into the substrate and reacts with the elemental ingredients to solidify them into a harder, denser, stronger mass.

PENESEAL FH (1:1 Concentrate)

Permanently protects and strengthens the substrate

Penetrates for a harder, denser mass

Used as a sealer for cementitious substrates

Protects underlayments prior to flooring installation


PENESEAL FH (1:1 Concentrate) in use

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Disclaimer: Designed for thickness range of 0" to 0" Neat. These calculations are approximations only and do not take into account waste and variations in job site conditions or application.

Note: product usage varies depending on application and site conditions, refer to the data sheet for usage details.